Round Table “Women in Entrepreneurship

The Foundation “For Serbian People and State” organized a round table on the topic “Women in Entrepreneurship” in Kragujevac, on 12 July 2022.

The round table was aimed at empowering women in Rasina District to reach financial independence, find employment and improve their position in the labour market. 

The panel participants were introduced into the support program of local self-government of the City of Kruševac as very important in starting own business, which was spoken about by Goran Tomić, Head of the Department for Economy.

The round table topic was discussed by: Violeta Babić, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics, Goran Tomić, Head of the Department for Economy in Kruševac, Maja Marković, BSc in Economics, Nataša Marković, Human Resources Manager in Swiss company “Etampa” in Kruševac, and Ana Jovanović, graphic designer and owner of the printing shop Grafoklinik. 

The conclusion and unanimous statement of all panellists imply improving self-confidence among women and a clearly set goal that will lead them towards progressive business. 

A particular emphasis was laid on the importance of networking, association and exchange of experiences as a relevant factor of success in the development of entrepreneurship.

Within its July activities, the Foundation has organized an ECDL course in Kruševac as support to women in entrepreneurship in Rasina District.

The attendees will receive an internationally recognized certificate of knowledge of computer work, which may largely contribute to their further business.