Prof. Ljiljana Radomirova Marković, PhD

Prof. Ljiljana Radomirova Marković, PhD

Ljiljana Markovic

Born on June 5, 1953 in Belgrade. Full professor and acting dean, chairman of the Council of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

She received her education at the University of Cambridge (graduated from the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Oriental Studies, where she also received her master’s degree), and Chuo University in Tokyo, where she pursued her doctorate. In 2010, the Government of Japan awarded her Foreign Minister’s Certificate of Commendation (Gaimu Daijin Hyosho) for a special contribution to the development of Japanese studies as a scientific discipline and the promotion of cultural ties between Japan and Serbia.

She was awarded the Sava Order of Diplomatic Pacifism in May 2018.

She was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit, on the Feast of the Holy Encounter in 2019.

She is also a guest professor at the University of Osaka, Gabriele d’Annuncio University in Pescara and Toho University, Tokyo, as well as the Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures. At the University of Priština, with a temporary seat in Kosovska Mitrovica, she founded Japanese Studies department in 2001 and had two generations of Japanese Studies graduates. She strengthened cooperation in the field of Oriental Studies in the region by teaching at the Department of Japanese Studies at the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula, through the Erasmus Plus Program, where she also prepared a joint edition of Japanese language textbook ‘Step by Step’. She also develops international cooperation in her field by joint teaching and development of textbook literature, the results of which are joint editions of Japanese language and script textbook ‘Kanji’ with Moscow State University Lomonosov, with Voronezh State University, Tyumen State University, Kobe University, and the International Academic Forum, IAFOR.

As the Chair of the International Committee of Slavists section ‘Slavic World and Cultures on the Silk Road’, and as Head of the IAFOR Silk Road Initiative, she is the Chair of the International Conference on Academic Silk Road Studies, which unites a large consortium of universities from Japan to Italy. In 2019, the Conference was held for the first time at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

She has written a large number of books and scientific papers which shed light on various aspects of Japanese civilization and point to its unrepeatable vitality and the paradigm of successful and accomplished modernization of the economy and society.

She held a councilor office in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade in 2018-2019.

She is married and has a son.