Our values

Our values

After eighty years, Serbia is finally re-establishing its neglected identity.
State, politics, nation, system, organization – these are all categories we are rediscovering in their true meaning, learning long-forgotten lessons.
And it is in this discovering, learning, formulating that the whole meaning of the Foundation, as well as the reasons for its existence lie. Through the work of the foundation, the people, the state will be put not under an ideological, party, prism, but under the magnifying glass of science, the latest theories, and long-marginalized traditions.
This is the path to the answers Serbia needs.

Through the work of the Foundation, which will include all relevant opinions, regardless of the political spectrum they come from, they should help formulate the most important national interests and develop a new level of communication in Serbian society and politics. The basic principle that will guide us will be assertiveness – readiness to advocate own belief, firmly and with strong arguments, but also readiness to listen to the opposite opinion, with full respect for and defense of its right to exist.

Nation and democracy are not two opposing, hostile notions, and our job will be to show that.
After all, Serbia needs both a nation and democracy, and for this very reason the Foundation is an invitation to work together to discover and formulate them.
It is, finally, our path to the future, so the Foundation will pay special attention to young people, encouraging them to study the world in which they live, while creating their own.

We are, therefore, a kind of investment.

In Serbia.

In the future.

In the state.

And in the people.’