About the Foundation

About the Foundation

The creator of the vision, idea and initiative for establishing ‘For Serbian People and State’ Foundation is President Aleksandar Vučić. His name is a symbol of Serbian renewal and rise. ‘For Serbian People and State’ Foundation was founded by the Serbian Progressive Party in October 2019.

In the work of our Foundation, the people and the state will be observed in the light of science and the latest discoveries. Nation and democracy are two complementing concepts. Serbia needs both a nation and democracy. Serbia also needs meritocracy, a system based on the rule of the most capable, the most talented and the smartest.

Together with our founder, we will fight for Serbia to remain a decent and civilized society. A decent society is one whose institutions do not humiliate people. A civilized society is one whose members do not humiliate one another. Every decent and civilized society is also a just society. We will advocate own beliefs in an assertive way – with full respect for others’ beliefs.

For the Serbian People and State’ Foundation will pay special attention to improving political culture in Serbia, nurturing Serbian tradition and cultural heritage, educating young people – encouraging them to study the world in which they live while creating their own, developing a wide range of skills in young learners, promoting and protecting family values, scientific and research and publishing activities.

We want to move people to contribute to shaping the future of Serbia. In partnerships, we will cooperate with institutions, parties, civil society organizations and similar endowments and foundations.

We will keep in mind what Oskar Davičo said about Serbia: ‘I know all your faces, what they want, wear, I looked into all of your eyes, I understand what they say, what they hide. I think your thought behind your forehead in your hair, I know what your mouth loves, drinks.’