“The Role of Culture in the Revival and Expansion of the National Spirit” – round table

The revival and protection of culture, primarily through education of the young, constitutes one of the goals we set for the Foundation at the time of its establishment. For that purpose, on 1 July 2022 we organized a round table entitled “The Role of Culture in the Revival and Expansion of the National Spirit”. A large number of young people had the opportunity to listen to the presentations and participate in the discussion about this topic at the round table. The presenters were: Dejan Savić, music conductor, academic Svetislav Božić, composer, Aleksandar Gatalica, writer, Selimir Radulović, writer, on behalf of Matica srpska, and Zoran Avramović, scientific advisor from the Institute for Pedagogical Research. They agreed about great importance of the Cyrillic alphabet and expressed their opinion that all publications in the Republic of Serbia should be printed in Cyrillic. The speakers’ final considerations were marked by the attitude that today’s state puts aside much more money for culture and that all those segments of the cultural policy of our state, such as the construction of the monuments in honour of our meritorious citizens or investments in infrastructure concerning cultural institutions are directed towards the revival and expansion of the National Spirit.