Challenges of the media pluralism in the Republic of Serbia

Freedom of the media and freedom of expression are topics of paramount importance to any democratic society. In order to discuss these topics and exchange opinions of experts from various institutions that deal with this issue, the Foundation for the Serbian People and State on 02.12.2021, organized a round table entitled “Challenges of media pluralism in the Republic of Serbia”. The speakers at the round table were Prof. Dr. Dejan Vuk Stankovicfrom the Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade, Olivera Zekic, Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media, Bojan Klacar, Center for Free Elections and Democracy, Zoran Stanojevic, Radio Television of Serbia, Milomir Maric, Happy Television and Prof. Dr. Zoran Jevtovic, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, who, each from their own aspect, touched on topics such as media literacy, fake news, media reporting in the election process, but also the ban on hate speech and protection of the rights of minors in media reporting. It was pointed out that today, in the 21st century, there is almost no information that cannot be published and that journalists are completely free in that regard, but a clear message was sent as well – “Freedom means responsibility”.