Panel “Responsibility towards Truth” – twenty-five years since the NATO aggression

On 25 April 2024, the Foundation “For the Serbian People and State” organized a panel discussion called “Responsibility to the truth” on the topic of commemorating 25 years since the NATO aggression against our country, where the events of 1999 were discussed. The panel discussed the events from 1999 which led to the suffering of the Serbian people. The aim of the panel was to remind older generations of everything that happened to them, to make the truth gain its space on multiple occasions, but also that it is important for young people to understand the circumstances leading to many things which are still taking place today.

The participants of this important dialogue were the actors of the events in Kosovo and Metohija of in that period – Zoran Anđelković, Professor of Defence and Protection, Vladimir Lazarević, retired General of the Yugoslav Army, Danica Marinković, retired judge, Obrad Stevanović, retired police Lieutenant Colonel General, while the moderator was Aleksandar M. Gajić, the author of the documentary film “Anatomy of a Deception: Račak”. Gajić, author of the documentary film “Anatomy of Deception: Racak”.

The speakers’ common attitude is that exactly the case of Račak served as a specific trigger devised by the Western powers and used as a reason for beginning the bombing campaign. At the same time, the message was sent about the necessity of throwing light on that event, as well as on all other segments of our history, with truth and facts. So that they will not be forgotten. At the same time, a message was sent that it is necessary to shed light on that event, but also on all other parts of our history, with truth and facts. Not to be forgotten.

Within the panel, there was also an exhibition of photographs showing the consequences of the 1999 aggression, so that we may also, in that way, recall the horrors suffered by our people. year, in order to remind ourselves of the horrors that our people went through.

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