The visit of the director of the Foundation to the five-member Arsenijević family in Pepeljevac

The Foundation “For the Serbian people and state” pays great attention to humanitarian work, which, in addition to educating young people and scientific research, represents one of our most important activities. Even though our country is currently characterized by financial stability and accelerated progress in all spheres of society, primarily thanks to President Aleksandar Vučić, we are aware that there are still families who live in hard and modest living conditions. The family is the basis and pillar of every society and one of its most important values, without a strong family there can be no strong Serbia. The director of the Foundation “For the Serbian people and state”, Bojana Radaković, with the aim of helping a family living in modest living conditions, visited the five-member family Arsenijević from Pepeljevac on January 18. 2022. and talked to family members about possible options for aid. Being aware of the importance of the family for every country and society, we will strive to restore and protect family values ​​in the future, to show in action that we care for every person in Serbia, for every family and we will further strengthen families who need help to stay in their hearth and home and how we would continue to build our Serbia together and make it an even better place to live for all of us.