Decision on Payment of Student Scholarships for the Academic 2021/2022


Pursuant to the Endowment and Foundation Act of the Republic of Serbia, Art. 7 of the Articles of Association of the Foundation, and in connection with the Rules of Procedures of 2021/2022 Student Scholarship Award Commission adopted on October 6, 2021, by the Scholarship Award Commission, pursuant to Art. 15. Para. 3, point 7 of the Articles of Association of the Foundation, on October 8, 2021, the Director adopts the following decision:


Article 1

On June 4, 2021, “For the Serbian People and the State” Foundation announced a public competition for the award of student scholarships for the academic 2021/2022 and established the Scholarship Award Commission.


Article 2

The competition aims to provide financial assistance to students from socially disadvantaged categories from the territory of the Republic of Serbia who are in the first year of undergraduate academic studies.


Article 3

Grants in the form of student scholarships are awarded as a one-time amount to a total of 20 selected candidates – students. The funds granted to selected students can be up to the amount of the one-year tuition fee of the faculty the student enrolled in, not exceeding RSD 125,000.00. The scholarship is for first-year students who start their studies at the undergraduate academic studies in October 2021.


Article 4

The Competition envisages the eligibility criteria and the necessary documents with the deadline for applications and the method of submitting the documents (two possible ways of applying).


Article 5

At the session held on October 6, 2021, the 2021/2022 Scholarship Award Commission adopted the Rules of Procedure of the Scholarship Award Commission, which sets forth the procedure, manner of work and decision-making on all applied candidates for scholarships.


Article 6

A total of 27 candidates applied for student scholarships for the academic 2021/2022 – students from whom the Scholarship Award Commission selected 20 candidates.


During the final selection of 20 candidates – students, the Commission was guided by the eligibility conditions provided by the Competition. The Commission (jury) made a decision to grant scholarships for the amount of tuition fees of up to RSD 125,000.00.


Selected students are:

Anđela Petrović

Olga Kolar

Anamarija Račić

Tamara Traparić

Miroslava Musić

Dragana Jajić

Saška Mitrović

Milica Simić

Biljana Zejak

Anđela Đurović

Kristina Popović

Ana Mlinar

Milutin Bačlija

Pavle Lukić

Dražen Vidaković

Marija Đurašević

Anastasia Andolšek

Dunja Živanović

Anabela Savić

Vasilije Marsenić


Article 7

The selected 20 candidate students will be contacted in person in the coming period.


Article 8

“For the Serbian People and the State” Foundation congratulates the awarded students and thanks everyone who participated in the student scholarship award competition for the academic 2021/2022.


In Belgrade,


October  8, 2021




Bojana Radaković